SOCIMIS, real estate crowdfunding and delegated promotion

At Wilson Consulting S.L. we work to offer the best profitability solution to our investors, through the creation and management of SOCIMIs, participation in vehicle companies through crowdfunding and delegated promotion. These are investment systems to obtain the best profitability, depending on each investor, not being necessary to manage a huge capital to be able to invest and obtain profits in the real estate sector. At Wilson Consulting S.L. our staff will answer all your questions and offer you advice so that you can get the most out of your next project.

In our latest risk rating rating, the international consulting firm Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc., has given us an 'AA' value, which indicates that the issuer or issue's ability to meet its financial obligations is very strong.

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Specialists in real estate crowdfunding and delegated promotion

Today, technology has allowed the creation of secure payment alternatives through different virtual methods. Thanks to this, there are currently endless ways to invest your money and grow your capital efficiently. One of these alternatives is crowdfunding, an excellent option for those who want to start in the world of real estate investment without having a huge amount of capital.

Like any market, real estate has its risks, methods to obtain the greatest possible amount of profit, resources, among other aspects. And at Wilson Consulting S.L. we put at your disposal the professionals with the widest knowledge about investment models such as crowdfunding. Only they can offer you the most complete attention, accompanied by personal treatment and the guarantee of not giving up until you achieve your goals.

The best advice for investors

At Wilson Consulting S.L. we are dedicated to providing advice to new investors who see an environment with great potential in the real estate market. This environment is complex and therefore the help of specialists is always necessary. Our consultancy has a qualified team, made up of professionals capable of making the most of all available resources.

We are experts in managing all kinds of bureaucratic processes and in guaranteeing results that meet the highest demands. Only in our office can you access the most complete information for any operation with your property. Get to know us and see why hundreds of clients have placed their trust in us!